Artsy Fartsy is a registered small business based in Nova Scotia since 2012. We are a sole proprietorship (Business #3275046). We are not affiliated with any corporations, we stand as a proud, small, home-based business.

Our online services (art lessons, web design, paint parties, art therapy) are offered all across Canada and throughout the world. In 2018, we went through the expensive, pain-staking process to trademark our company name and the goods and services that we offer using that name. This was no small feat, but we did our research and applied for a trademark within Canada–anyone who has ever had to go through this process knows it is a very expensive, difficult and lengthy procedure. But, we did it and were successful. On June 11, 2018 the trademark ARTSY FARTSY was approved, along with the goods and services which we provide across Canada.

Within 1 to 2 years after the formalization of our trademark, a company located in the United States requested a Canadian trademark for the same name (Artsy Fartsy) for a board game. We had no qualms about this company using the name for a board game. However, the government of Canada ( Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada / Government of Canada) coincidentally decided at that time that our already formalized and in-use trademark name is “not distinctive”, threatening to nullify all of our hard work to become a trademarked business throughout Canada. 

We have been using the name Artsy Fartsy to provide both goods and services across Canada since early 2012. We are a trusted, distinctive brand. We have been using our trademark to identify our goods and services in the Canadian marketplace such that the name Artsy Fartsy has become a distinctive, well known brand.

Help us protect our small business’s trademark from being eliminated by our government. Sign the following statement by submitting your full name, general location, phone number and email address. We will keep your information private and only share what is necessary to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada / Government of Canada to help prove our distinctiveness.