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Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

Artsy Fartsy offers a warm and inclusive environment that encourages participants to express their individuality. My experience with Artsy Fartsy was nothing short of fantastic. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone looking to explore their creative side, I wholeheartedly recommend Artsy Fartsy for their exceptional events.



Sarah Kuhn

So much fun, the host was amazing she made it easy and relaxing. It was a great night with friends and everyone else participating. Definitely want to do more when offered.

Sarah Kuhn

Porters Lake

Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

Took both drawing and painting classes and enjoyed them immensely.

Easy instruction to follow, Rhonda is a great teacher very knowledgeable and encouraging



Anna Martin

We booked Rhonda for an event for our workplace. She was great, fun and knowledgeable!

10/10 recommend!

She will be our go to for the future!



Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

The paint night was so much fun! The teacher gave very clear instructions and was so patient. I will definitely do it again!


Head of Jeddore

Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

Artsy Fartsy paint events are like no other! Rhonda creates such a safe, welcoming atmosphere and makes sure each and every participant enjoys their time painting.



Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

From start to finish, every aspect of the event exceeded my expectations, making it an unforgettable and joyous occasion. The ambiance was lively, creative, and filled with an infectious energy that set the tone for a fantastic evening.



Artsy Fartsy Painting Class

What truly sets Artsy Fartsy apart is their dedication to fostering a sense of community. The event was not just about creating art; it was about connecting with others, sharing laughs, and enjoying the creative process together.


Musquodoboit Harbour



In the realm of creative expression and a positive mindset, Rhonda Frank stands as a guiding force. As the creative mind behind Artsy Fartsy, she has not only fostered a community of diverse artists but has also made significant strides in promoting mental health awareness and environmental responsibility. Let’s explore Rhonda’s creative journey, highlighting her impactful initiatives, and the noteworthy collaboration with the Nova Scotia Art Facebook page.

Rhonda Frank: A Creative Visionary:

Founded in 2012, Artsy Fartsy, led by Rhonda Frank, has evolved into a community-focused art studio in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia. Rhonda’s vision extends beyond conventional art classes — it’s about creating dynamic experiences that open hearts and minds, allowing for new ways of understanding ourselves, each other, and our diverse histories.

Inclusivity at Its Core:

Artsy Fartsy is more than an art studio; it’s a vibrant hub of creativity and inclusivity. Rhonda actively engages with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The studio serves as an equal opportunity employer, collaborating with members of the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC community, and persons with disabilities. Through art therapy, art classes, and paint events, Artsy Fartsy fosters relationships built on mutual respect and compassion.

Mental Health Advocacy:

Rhonda Frank, a certified Peer Support Specialist, brings a unique perspective to Artsy Fartsy. Her commitment to mental health awareness is woven into the fabric of the studio. Artsy Fartsy not only promotes awareness of mental health but actively creates a supportive and inclusive work environment, recognizing the importance of well-being in the creative process.

Environmental Responsibility:

Artsy Fartsy stands out in its dedication to environmental awareness. Rhonda and her team take conscious steps to reduce their carbon footprint, utilizing electric vehicles, solar power, and eco-friendly materials. The studio’s commitment to waste reduction, recycling, and responsible sourcing showcases a holistic approach to creativity that extends to the well-being of our planet.

Collaboration with Nova Scotia Art:

Rhonda Frank extends her creative influence beyond Artsy Fartsy through her work with the Nova Scotia Art Facebook page. This platform serves as a digital canvas for artists across the province, allowing them to showcase their work and connect with a wider audience. Rhonda’s involvement underscores her dedication to fostering a vibrant artistic community beyond the studio walls.

Unique Features:

Artsy Fartsy’s commitment extends beyond the canvas. The studio advocates for alcohol awareness by hosting paint events in alcohol-free locations, making art accessible to all ages. Their playful and inclusive tagline, #DipTapSqueezeSpank, reflects the spirit of creativity that Rhonda cultivates.


As we celebrate Rhonda Frank’s artistic journey with Artsy Fartsy and her collaboration with Nova Scotia Art, we recognize not just an artist but a visionary leader shaping a community through art, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility. Rhonda’s commitment to fostering creativity, positive mindsets, and mental health awareness align seamlessly with her work on Nova Scotia Art. Together, these initiatives create pathways to a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable artistic future for Nova Scotia.